Krowodrza Park Apartments in Cracow is an absolutely unique investment. Situated in the vicinity of the Old Town, it guarantees unparalleled comfort and instant communication with other parts of the city. The modern and expressive form of the building perfectly matches the character of the surroundings. The dominant colors of the facade are white and grey, which, although contrasting, look very original and elegant together. The Krowodrza Park building seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, giving it a dynamic and urban flair, and at the same time subtly blending with the landscape architecture, including the nearby Vincent de Paul Park. The project’s form and aesthetics refer to the surrounding development of Juliusz Lea Street as well as Kijowska Avenue. Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of this project is its openness to the surroundings, thanks to which the building positively surprises, both in micro- and macro perspective. This is definitely the only investment of such a scale in this part of Cracow!

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Krowodrza Park investment is distinguished by a large cross-section of offered apartments. The building provides for comfortable apartments of varied size and ergonomic layout of dwelling space. The apartments range in size from 27m 2 to 120m 2 , which makes them accessible both to singles, young couples and families with children. On the first floor there is a lobby with a reception desk, as well as retail and service premises.

The concept of the building includes a number of architectural and finishing details, which indicate a new quality of construction, and as a result, guarantee the prestige of the entire investment. The elegant entrance to the building, elevators, large glazed windows such as portfenet, spacious terraces and balconies, the use of natural stone and wood – create a sense of luxury and unparalleled elegance.

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The logical and at the same time functional layout of the building offers extensive living space with a maximum number of service functions located underground. The underground garage provides not only standard parking spaces, but also parking spaces with an electric car charging station. Bicycle and motorcycle parking spaces are also planned in the underground storey. There will also be storage rooms.

A video of work in construction progress:

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